Telenor MMS News Offer Package

Telenor MMS News Offer Package

Telenor MMS News

About the Service
Telenor has been at the forefront of bringing a positive change to its subscribers' lives through innovation. Continuing with the innovative tradition, with particular focus on utility driven services, Telenor brings you yet another unique service; "MMS News". If you are a Telenor Subscriber, you can now watch video news clips on your mobile phone.

MMS news is a MMS based service which features regular news three times a day. MMS news clipping are also provided in regional languages close to your heart.
  • Urdu News by Express News
  • Pushto News by Khyber TV
  • Syraiki News by Express News
  • English News by Express News
  • Punjabi News by APNA Channel
Channels On board
  • Express News
  • Khyber TV
  • APNA Channel

How to subscribe

  • SMS "sub" to 665 to subscribe to service
  • You will receive a menu
    • Dear Customer, you will be subscribed to Urdu news. To change channel. reply with channel number
    • 1. Urdu
    • 2. Pushto
    • 3. Punjabi
    • 4. Syriaki
    • 5. English
If you will not reply with any channel number within 4 hours, Urdu news by Express TV will set as default.

You can also call 345 or visit Telenor Sales & Service center to get desired flavor of your news.

To Un Subscribe
SMS 'UNSUB' to 665

Pull Based News on Demand
  • SMS "Exp/Express/Urdu" to 665 for Urdu News
  • SMS "Expe/English" to 665 for English News
  • SMS "Khyber/Khy/Pushto" to 665 for Pushto News
  • SMS "Apna/Punjabi" to 665 for Punjabi News
  • SMS "Exps/Siraiki" to 665 for Siraiki News
  • Subscription: Monthly recurring charges of Rs.30+Tax
  • Pull based News: Rs.2 + tax per SMS


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